Psalm 16 - Where is your refuge? Who is your Lord?

Psalm 16 is a beautiful statement of both stark comparison and great commitment.  We have opportunity to choose to follow many paths in life, many philosophies, many passions; but where do they lead, where do they get us?

In all of life’s beauty and darkness, “O God, … I take refuge in You.”(v. 1)  In all of the offerings of this world’s ways, “Lord, ‘You are my Lord; I have no good besides You.’”(v. 2)    Where are you taking refuge in th empathy of your life?   Who is Lord, who is the One you choose to follow for the “path of life?” (v. 11)

TobyMac shared openly after the deep loss of his son from an overdose.  You may or may not be a fan of his music, but this statement is so good.   He has had much of what our world offers … fame, money, success … and has praised the Lord in those good times.   Often our true colors are displayed when faced with challenges and this kind of hurt is one words can’t quite capture.  In the midst of the hurt, you see a psalm-like choice, “We will build on the rock.”    Below are links to a brief “Behind the Song” interview and the song “Cornerstone.”  

On Christ the solid rock I stand, Amen.

Behind the Song - Interview - Cornerstone

Cornerstone - TobyMac - Music Video w/ Lyrics

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