At just the beginning of life, like Sprouts, think of all the possibilities for what they may grow to be!

Sprouts Daycare Core Thoughts

Psalm 1 shares of how the Scriptures cause growth and liken it to "a tree planted by rivers of waters."  We seek to give love and care in these young lives, with a priority on sharing the truths of the Scriptures as they can understand to help them grow into the mighty trees, strong and nourished.


We believe a vital part of our mission is sharing the truth of God's Word with these young hearts and minds.  At growing levels we share Bible stories and Bible truths on a regular basis.   Sharing fun stories, coloring pages, memory verses, and singing songs all help communicate these truths.

Quality Teaching

We have chosen to incorporate the A Beka Book® curriculum into pre-school age classes. Colors, numbers, letters and sounds will be the focus of the teaching material, while Bible stories & lessons, crafts, and activities will be used for fun and further learning. Each child will explore, play, learn and grow.

Nutritional Meals

Nutrition is a vitally important aspect for each child's proper growth and development. Sprouts will provide balanced nourishment which will not only be healthy, but tasty too! We want to model healthy eating habits that can be followed for many years to come.

Learning through Play

It is important that FUN is a part of every child's life!  That's why we make sure that smiles, giggles and energetic fun are a regular part of our daily activities.  Active play is also an important ingredient in a child's day for a healthy mind and body.

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