As a Community of Believers in Christ, we desire to assist many to Connect … with Him.
As a community of believers in Christ, we desire to assist many to connect in a vibrant, growing relationship with Him ... knowing that Jesus, the Christ, is, "the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through [Him]."  This is where our name fits our purpose.  Jesus, and what He accomplished on the cross is the connection, the bridge, the only way to forgiveness, to eternal life, to a real relationship with Almighty God, our righteous heavenly Father.  The Cross is the Bridge.

This grace that is given abundantly at the time our faith is placed in Christ is only the beginning of this relationship.  Now, we live on in this love, filled with this grace, grateful for His merciful forgiveness, and much more that we continue to discover throughout our lives and in His Word.

We live out a response of worship, recognizing with awe His immense greatness, reverencing in obedience His unwavering moral goodness, and researching ever-deeper His unshakeable truths.  With these in focus, we find Scripture directs us to emphasize the following areas as both expectations and purposeful initiatives.
As we have all grown to see more and more over the last few years, gathering as a church community of believers regularly is of high value and very beneficial.
Psalm 1 compares a growing person to a “tree planted by rivers of waters” that is growing strong and healthy nourished by taking in the truths of the Word of God.
An open expectation for each member of our church family is involvement in selfless, spiritual service.  We include the “3” in the word as the recommended baseline.
Recognizing with gratitude how great the love & grace is God has offered freely to all, we want to respond; sharing both from our lives and His Gospel of eternal life.